Publication: Artists to Look Out For, Volume II

Artists to Look Out For Catalog
Volume II
Starry Night Program
New Mexico, USA
December 2015

Artists To Look Out For is a printed catalog that features nearly 100 emerging artists from all over the world. For our second issue, hundreds of artists applied for inclusion, and we narrowed it down to the absolute best emerging artists we could find. We truly believe these artists show exceptional talent, and that their work deserves to be seen and appreciated in the art world. You better keep an eye out for them in the coming year! In our eyes, this catalog serves two, very important purposes- to expose the work of talented emerging artists to the world, and to connect art lovers with the edgiest artists to connect with and watch out for.

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Press by: Faculty of Humanities – UPR Río Piedras (Official Website)

More information about the catalog on the Starry Night Program website.